About MiniFitChick

Credentials and Certificates:

Humber College Fitness and Health Promotion Grad - 2015

CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach

DTS Kettlebell Fundamental Coach

CORE FX Conditioning Specialist

TRX Functional Training Specialist

Human Kinetics Fascial Stretch Therapy

PN1 Nutrition Coach

Mell Barrie is Minifitchick.

Mell is a certified personal trainer with many years experience helping clients work towards their goals through personal training, bootcamps and nutrition coaching. She specializes in minimal equipment and HIIT, specifically for weight loss and strength gain. She uses functional training with her clients to ensure optimal results that will last. She has also helped her clients lose weight by changing their diets to better suit their needs and goals. 

Fitness was a natural career choice for Mell as she was active for most of her life. At a young age, she took figure skating and competed in dance, in jazz, tap and ballet. After a few years she starting recreational trampoline. She stopped all other sports and activities to pursue trampoline competitively at age 11. Having won multiple medals after competing across Canada and getting a few injuries along the way, she decided to stop jumping and focus her energy into recreational dance and working out on her own at a gym.

Although Mell was involved in multiple sports growing up, she struggled with her weight and body image. From being bullied, she had a distorted view of her size. Some days she would limit her food intake as much as possible, trying to get control over her weight. Eventually, Mell learned that what she was doing wasn't healthy. She started going to the gym most days of the week doing a mix of resistance training and cardio and cleaned up her eating habits. Weight started to come off and she began feeling better about herself. Mell decided then that achieving her goal was great but getting her personal training certification was what she wanted to do. Her goal was to help out people to feel as good as she did.



One hour one-on-one sessions designed specifically for you. No matter your fitness level, we'll work together to find what works to achieve your goals. Your program will be personalized to your abilities and strengths. The best part - I come to you; in your home, condo or even outside in a park nearby, I'll bring equipment to give you a great, effective workout.

            GROUP TRAINING


Want to workout with a friend or a small group? I can set something up for everyone. Group fitness is effectve as you have constant motivators around you - your friends, and it's affordable!



Eating the right foods can be difficult. Everyone's body is different and has individual needs. I'll write a meal plan based on your health information and tailor it to your needs. Whether you're looking to decrease your body fat percentage or looking to gain mass, I'll design a personalized plan for you.


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