Personal and Group Training Packages

Seeing fitness results is more than just being able to lift as much weight as you can. Working around injuries and knowing what exercises to perform are crucial for success in a workout. Proper form execution is extremely important for proper muscle development and injury avoidance. Working with a trainer vs working out alone yields faster, more sustainable results. I will make a personalized program for you to ensure you see optimal results and periodically update the workouts to avoid plateaus and setbacks. It's recommended to do 2 personal training sessions a week.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please email me.                                                                     Currently Accepting New Clients!



One-on-one personal training sessions done via Zoom. Workout in the comfort and safety of your own home. Equipment will not be provided. Recommendations of what to get will be given upon request. A personalized fitness program will be created based on equipment available, fitness level and goals.

10 sessions                $65/session

15 sessions                $60/session

Payments can be made via e-transfer or cheque (can be dropped off or picked up within a reasonable distance). Payments can be broken up into monthly installments only with a signed contract & post dated cheques.

Add a friend to your session for an additional $10 per session!

Recording workouts is not prohibited. 24 hour cancellation policy is in affect.



One-on-one sessions where I come to your backyard or nearby park. We will maintain a 2 meter distance at all times to ensure safety. Equipment will be provided and will sanitized at the beginning and end of each session. Owning or purchasing equipment is not necessary but appreciated. Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length.

Session packages:

10 sessions                $70/session

15 sessions                $65/session

20 sessions                $60/session

Pay as you go $85/session.

Have a friend or family member join in for an additional $10 per person, per session.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Training packages can be paid in full or paid in monthly installments*. Payments can be made via e-transfer or cheque. 24 hour cancellation policy in effect. 

*Monthly installments are only allowed if client provides post dated cheques and/or signs a contract.



Want to see results but work out by yourself, on your own schedule? Try one of my new pre-designed programs! Each program comes with multiple preset fitness routines and a brief schedule so you can follow the workouts on the days & times that you like. Each week gets slightly harder to help you work towards your fitness goals! Programs are 4 weeks long and have multiple workouts each week. All programs are $75 each.

Full Body Blaster:

A full body strength workout to help you get stronger and more toned. There will be cardio portions to keep your heart rate up but many resistance exercises will be performed. 

     Equipment needed: Some weights, resistance bands.


A high intensity interval workout that will make you sweat and burn a lot of calories. There will be a mix of cardio, strength, core and agility exercises performed in every workout. As this program will involve fast paced and jumping exercises, options will be given to make sure everyone can partake.

     Equipment needed: Light weights optional.

Core & Booty:

Tone your core while shaping your booty. There will be a combination of core, glute and thigh exercises to shape your body and some high intensity cardio bursts to melt fat away.

     Equipment needed: chair or couch, light weights optional, booty bands optional.

Stretch & Mobility:

Feeling tight and stiff? This program will help make you more limber & increase your range of motion. There will be both static (holding) and dynamic (moving) stretches done to help loosen up your body and improve posture.

     Equipment needed: yoga mat

Workout programs cannot be shared. Payments must be made via e-transfer and are non-refundable and not transferable. 


Working out in a small group can be a lot of fun and will help you stay on track as you are accountable to the group. Group sessions require a minimum of 4 participants with a maximum of 10. Currently, group sessions are only available online until gyms are allowed to open again. You can all workout in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Equipment is not required but will be helpful. Minimum session sign up 8 sessions. It's recommended to do 2 sessions a week for optimal results.

$15 per session per session

24 hour cancellation policy in affect.



A private studio is available for fitness and mobility training in North York (Dufferin & Finch). The facility is only open to trainers and their clients, so you will have a private session that ensures social distancing and follows strict guidelines to ensure safety of the occupants. The studio has parking, one free water bottle and your music of choice. Sessions are 55 minutes in length.

Session Packages:

1 session                        $89/session

5 sessions                       $85/session

10 sessions                     $80/session

15 sessions                     $75/session

20 sessions                     $70/session

10 sessions (45 min)         $60/session

All prices are shown before taxes. Payments must be paid in full via cash, cheque or e-transfer. A 48 hour cancellation policy in effect. Prices listed are for fitness training. Please contact for mobility prices.

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