Nutrition Coaching

Food plays a major role in weight loss and muscle growth and repair. The foods you ingest can work for or against you and your goals. Knowing the right foods and amounts for your body can be difficult to figure out. Because no two people have the same metabolism, everyone has different nutritional to have a healthy change in their body composition. Nutrition coaching will help figure you what you need to eat in order to accomplish your goals.

With nutrition coaching, I will monitor how many calories and macronutrients (fats, protein & carbs) you should be consuming each day. Portion control and nutrient timing will also be explained so you will be able to get the most out of your food. I will also help with cravings and ensuring you get adequate nutrients.

I can offer one time consults for a basic plan to help you start your nutrition journey or ongoing coaching for those who want a more detailed plan and want to be held with accountability. 

Nutrition Only:

One time consult with basic plan: $75
1 month coaching: $150
3 month coaching: $125 (per month)
6 month coaching: $115 (per month)
1 year coaching: $100 (per month)

Combined personal training and nutrition packages:

I'm currently offering a promo for 1 month at a time for both nutrition coaching and online training. Weekly nutrition coaching meetings are included and you have the choice of doing 1 personal training session a week or 2. This package allows you to have unlimited support via email or text along with 2-3 online meetings a week to ensure optimal results. 

2 personal training sessions a week with nutrition coaching: $550 monthly
1 personal training session a week with nutrition coaching: $350 monthly

Payments can be made in full or in installments via e-transfer or cheque (can be dropped off or picked up within a reasonable distance). A contract must be signed for monthly coaching.


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